Our Products Compressed Biogas Plants

Topaz Solar is currently associated with top European, American and Indian suppliers for supply and installation of Compressed Biogas plants in various locations in India.
Currently the present Government of India is envisaging a stiff target of reducing Imports of Oil and Gas by implementing Compressed Biogas Plants and Ethanol plants.
Topaz Solar is playing a big role in synchronizing the Compressed Bio-methane projects in India between the Oil marketing companies to have a healthy cooperation to have gas grid connectivity instead of supplying the same in gas cylinders to reduce the high operational cost. Topaz Solar will also provide a formidable solution for Biomass plantation suitable for Compressed Biogas plant feedstock.

Topaz Solar will arrange for complete project funding both from Indian banks as well as foreign institutions for debt and equity.

Topaz Solar through its subsidiary companies are interested in setting up of Compressed Biogas plants in India through BOOT model (Build Own Operate Transfer) for 20 years.

Biogas Plant Locations