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Solar Rural Home Lighting Systems

Solar home lighting systems are ideal sources for providing indoor illumination in remote areas and un-electrified villages.

The Solar home lighting system essentially consists of the Solar Panel,suitable module mounting structure, battery, battery box,charge-controller, luminaries, inter-connecting cables and switches etc.All light assemblies have built-in high efficiency and high frequency DC to AC inverter circuits for suitable to run CFL lamps of LED lights.The Indoor lighting systems would also come with a provision to power a 12V DC table fan, mobile charger and Portable TV as option.The lighting system is designed to operate 5-6 hours a day.

Features of our range of systems:

  • Easy to Install (Plug and Use models, no help required)
  • Very high efficiency electronic circuit
  • Low self–discharge, highly reliable, Maintenance free Sealed Lead Acid battery.
  • Protected from overcharging and deep discharge of battery.
  • LED indication for battery charging and battery low
  • Very low no–load current. (Option to Turn Off)
  • High reliability and durability.
  • Excellent for remote villages as well as semi-urban areas.
  • Protection: Reverse flow, over voltage, under voltage, reverse polarity, short circuit.

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E-Brouchure of Rural Solar Home Lighting System (India)

If you want to donate these systems as a part of corporate/personal social responsibility, we will support your good cause in our own little way.

Please write to us at support@Topazsolar.co