Our Products Solar Street Lights

Topaz Solar provides Street Lighting models with the following features:

  • Super Bright LED Source with Photometric Design for Rectangular beam pattern.
  • High Intensity, High Uniformity and Glare Eliminated Light.
  • Module Integrated Design, Long Life, Easy Maintenance.
  • Automatic Dusk to Dawn Operation.
  • No strains & Pains of Manual Operation.
  • Free from Messy Cable.
  • Appealing Aesthetic of Luminaries.
  • High reflective Acrylic.
  • Reliable MOSFET based Electronics.
  • Selective height of the Pole as per Customers requirement upto 15 feet.
  • Longer life MS Mechanical Structures and Battery Box.
  • No hassle of Bulb Replacements.
  • Perfect for Roads, Expressways, Highways.
  • Eliminates the Visual Fatigue which is caused by traditional street lights.
  • High Colour Index ( > 75)
  • Tremendous Energy Saving compared to traditional Lamp.
  • Totally Green. No Lead, No Mercury and No Pollution.
  • DC/AC type for Easy adaptation to standby and Centralized Modes.